The Company


The company was created in 1991. Since then, John has built a client list including many of the most successful Realtors in the area and a number of large commercial clients. He has added an aerial photography to the services offered and implemented digital processing and delivery. He continues to be on the forefront of the photographic industry, working to improve how he can serve the needs of his clients.

After incorporating in 2005, John G. Wilbanks Photography, Inc. added two graphic artists and a second photographer. John continues to build a full-service photographic company to better meet the needs of his growing clientelle.

Many of the Realtors who work with John Wilbanks Photography are top sellers in their market; a testimony to the quality of their images and how they have improved their clients' advertising campaigns.

Our Photography has recently appeared in:

  • Leading Residential Architects, September 2008
  • Seattle Magazine, March 2008
  • "Washington...A Great Place To Live" - Rhino Books, March 2008
  • National Geographic - "Science and Space, Geology", December 2007
  • Premiere Properties, August 2007
  • 425 Magazine, August 2007
  • Washington CEO, Feb 2007
  • Bellevue Club Reflections, March 2007
  • Pro Club Pro Pulse, March/April 2007
  • Premier Living, Spring 2007
  • Seattle Metropolitan, February 2007
  • Leading Estates of the World, No 183
  • Luxury Homes Magazine, April 2007
  • Seattle Homes and Lifestyles, December 2006
  • Seattle & King Co. Gateway to the Pacific Northwest - Windham Publishing, 2005

Additionaly, the photography of John G Wilbanks, Inc. has helped their clients get their work recognized and awarded. Some of the companies and awards include:

Sound Transit

  • Best Video - Informational Feature category, Alliance for Community Media (ACM) Northwest for "In Motion"

Teufel Commercial Landscape

  • Boeing Longacres Surface Water Management, Grand Award - Wetlands
  • Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Grand Award - Above $75,000
  • Microsoft Buildings 30, 31, 32, Grand Above $250,000
  • Microsoft Redmond West Campus Award of Merit Above $250,000

The Highridge Corporation:

  • Best Landscaping (as selected by the public) - Seattle Street of Dreams
  • Best Landscaping (as selected by Realtors) - Seattle Street of Dreams
  • Best Landscaping (as selected by Professional Committee) - Seattle Street of Dreams
  • Best Entrance for a Residential Community - Master Builders Assoc, Gold Award
  • Best Landscaping for a New Residence - Master Builders Assoc, Silver Award


We strive to create a visual experience...designing our images to draw people into and through the photograph. Placing attention on the important aspects of the subject creates an experience of place for the viewer and allows them to get a sense of flow through the space. Simply put, we look for the art in each shot.

Choosing the correct lighting for the subject is one or our most important tasks. Whether it's natural, articficial or a combination, we look to reveal the character of our subject

Night photography is a special type of photography and we have a passion for capturing the edge of light between twilight and night. Some of our clients have come to consider this type of photograph our signature shot. If this is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Light, color and focus are the visual elements of design, while articulation of emotions, thoughts and feelings are the intangible. We work to combine all aspects and elements of each project to create a strikingly powerful image.

Charities we support

I believe one of the responsibilities of success, is giving back. Below are some charities I give to or take part in because I believe they have an immediate, direct, positive effect on the lives they touch.

The Climb for Clean Air - Fund raiser for asthma and cancer research

Debt, AIDS, Trade Africa - An organization dedicated to helping the people of Africa

Amnesty International - Working to protect human rights worldwide.