Sometimes a subject can be as simple as a colour. After a week driving the Pacific Coast Highway, from Los Angeles up to Oregon, I was running out of time and had no choice but to head straight home to Seattle. The fun was over and I had only the boring drive up I-5 to look forward to. Within a few miles of getting on the freeway, I came around a bend and just had to stop.

Spring is a great time for photography with the flowers blooming and trees covered in all their new green. I like this photo because it shows the transition from Winter to Spring, bringing with it a hope of new things to come. Even more so because of the beautiful side lighting. Shadows and highlights make a photograph…it’s brings out depth and defines dimension.

There wasn’t much thought put into this image, but I still like it. At first I wasn’t all too keen on the tire tracks running up the side of the clearing, then I realized it was something that would allow the viewer to place themselves inside the photo. I think this is just one of those classic “what a great place for a picnic” shots. We can all imagine grabbing a bottle of wine, some snacks, and your girlfriend or wife (or boyfriend/husband for you girls out there) and sitting down at the base of a tree to enjoy the last of the evening suns’ rays.

Nothing too technical here; sometimes a photo just works.