At Aerials-1 Aerial Photography, we provide our clients with two types of services designed to meet your budget and timing needs. WE can go up for you as soon as you call and weather permits, or we can put you on our "waiting list" until we get a group of clients. By grouping our clients we can give you a lower price as we spread the cost of flight out over a larger set of clients. If you need aerial photography right this instant, our prices are a bit higher but are still quite reasonable. Either way, when we get a photo order we send an email to our client list letting everyone know we'll be going up. If we get three or more orders, we'll pass the cost savings on to you whether you ordered a rush or not.

We shoot from a variety of aircraft depending on the specific location and need of the client. Helicopters allow us to fly low and slow, while fixed wing aircraft allow us to quickly get to more distant locations and higher altitudes. Based out of Seattle, our network of pilots and providers allow us to cover Washington, Oregon and Lower British Columbia.

Our attention to detail, response time and professionalism will assist you in creating the best marketing campaign to further the success of your business.

Our aerial photography services are ideal for construction progress photos, waterfront locations, commercial projects and large residences. Call us and let's discuss your project.