There is nothing exciting about sitting at an airport waiting for your flight. Oh, sure, show up 2 1/2 hours early for international flights…then sit around for 2 hours trying to invent new ways of being bored. But I digress. I think most photographers are always “on” and when they have a camera in

their hand and some time, they want to shoot. I’m no different and while waiting at airports I always seem to end up looking for something to photograph. Most of them end up looking like “oh, hey, another picture of an airport”, nothing too exciting.

On my last trip out, the morning sun shining through the stained glass caught my eye. It was so bright I knew it would silhouette everything else, but I liked the hard contrast. I plopped myself down on the floor, started thinking composition and just as I was getting things figured out, a couple people walked into my shot. Oh great, just when I was about to shoot. At first they were a hinderance to the photo I was trying to make, then I realized they were the photo. The image quickly became more about the people than about the stained glass. I started thinking “stock photography” and what buyers would be looking for. I shot abuncha photos like this one with everything from business men with rolling suitcases, to couples, two men, two women, you name it. Any variation that came by…that’s what stock photography is all about. While shooting, I realized placement of the foot was important, not to let the person intersect with the columns, don’t shoot them in profile, etc, etc. The 24-105 IS is great for this kind of photography because it allows me to sit in one spot and get just the crop I’m looking for.

After about 1/2 hour and a bit of time editing, I ended up with about 10 variations of this photo that will fit a number of stock requests. Love this guys hat!